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Why Should You Outsource Web Development to Ukraine?

We remember the good old days when most of our dialogues with foreign colleagues and friends started like this:

— Where do you come from?
— Ukraine.
— Ukraine? Where is that?

Nowadays the situation has changed dramatically. People all over the world know about our native country – though unfortunately, not because of its economic growth, sports achievements, picturesque nature or outstanding people. Nowadays many people ask us if it is safe to outsource web development to Ukraine and why they should outsource to Ukraine specifically. Despite the crisis and military operations, Ukrainian freelancers enjoy strong demand from abroad, Ukrainian IT companies are hiring, and international companies continue to develop their offices in Ukraine.


What makes Ukraine a popular destination for IT business? 

You can hire skilled Ukrainian developers at reasonable rates. Most higher educational establishments in our country offer free education. That means that talented young people have access to good IT education with a strong emphasis on math and engineering. The cost of living is lower than in the most countries, so per-hour rates for developers are much more affordable than in the United States and in Western Europe.
  • There are 122 universities that offer IT education in Ukraine (via
  • Each year there are about 15,000 IT graduates (via


People say about Ukraine: 

The presence of automotive and IT suppliers indicates that low wages do attract investments into Ukraine in labour-intensive activities and the country has chances to become a component production and service provider platform. It may even attract relocating projects from new EU members such as Poland based on significantly lower wages, provided political and economic consolidation is achieved.

Gabor Hunya, Research Economist at The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (via)

Who are Ukrainian developers and what do they do

Who are Ukrainian developers and what do they do (via


In Ukraine, you are working with acknowledged professionals. Ukraine holds the 4th place in the world in terms of the size of its certified IT workforce. In addition, according to 2014 A.T Kearney Global Services Location Index  Ukraine has been ranking highly among the favourable locations for outsourcing web development. An Elance report shows that Ukrainian freelancers and companies rank 4th according to earnings among freelance companies. The IT market research in Europe proves the attractiveness of Ukrainian IT services providers. In 2014 one third of all orders in the European region were completed by Ukrainians. The Ukraine country profile by the American Chamber of Commerce has an increased focus on the IT industry, and forecasts the Ukrainian IT market to reach 20 billion USD within 10 years.

 Ukrainian's place in the IT outsource world

The Ukrainian government acknowledges the importance of the IT industry and plans to create favourable conditions for entrepreneurs, putting Information Technology at the top of their list of export-oriented sectors of the Ukrainian economy. The government plan includes improving IT education and engaging IT companies in the educational process. The focus on “real world projects” in education will complement the existing theoretical background, getting our graduates ready to provide business-oriented solutions.

How many employees in biggest IT companies of Ukraine

Number of Employees in TOP 25 Ukrainian IT Companies (via

You have a wide choice of Ukrainian IT providers and locations. Ukrainian IT companies and freelancers offer services from website development and SEO optimisation to enterprise software solutions in several cities. All of these cities are far from the area of military operations.
  • Area 603,000 km2 – the biggest country in Europe
  • Population – 44,5 billions


People say about Ukraine:

 The present situation is both challenging for business, and also has many opportunities to offer. Investors are awaiting vital changes in the country, and actively contributing to accelerating these changes.

I have come to Ukraine because I believe in the successful and prosperous future of this country. And, as Nelson Mandela once said: “Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great.” Ukrainians today can be that generation.

 I am confident that Ukraine should move forward, build a strong economy. Let’s look at Israel for example; the country has been in conflict for long, but business has still been developing there.

Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (via)


You can enjoy online communication at convenient hours and can visit your Ukrainian partners often. Ukraine is only one time zone away from Western Europe. That means non-stop communication during your standard working day. If you are located in the US, there are still overlapping core hours that can accommodate meetings, demos, and daily standups. The largest Ukrainian cities for IT are Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, and Lviv, all of which can be reached within a 2-hour flight from major European capitals.
  • Ukraine is located in the Eastern European Time Zone: UTC+02:00 and in summer as UTC+03:00


We speak the same language and have a similar mindset. In Ukraine, the knowledge of English has become a must, especially for IT professionals. You can rest assured that there will be no language barriers. Furthermore, we have experience in working with foreign clients and providing services while keeping in mind their mentality and business values.

 Level of English in IT outsourcing sphereThe level of English among IT-specialists (via


People say about Ukraine:

Despite the poor political situation in Ukraine, there are good reasons for optimism.  It’s got a high quality, low cost workforce… No doubt, it will be a tough road ahead. But it’s also important to remember that Ukraine is one of the largest and best educated countries in Europe, with an excellent base of talent and technology infrastructure.

Greg Satell, US based business consultant (via)


If you still are hesitant about outsourcing to Ukraine, consider personal qualities of Ukrainian developers:


  1. Are you looking for people who can think outside the box? Ukrainians are demonstrating a lot of creativity to stay afloat during the crisis. 
  2. Looking for good team players? Ukrainians help their Army and volunteer for charitable causes. They know that team spirit leads to success, both in business and during difficult times in the country. 
  3. Is “able to work under stress” among your top requirements? Ukrainians know how to cope with difficulties and challenges in stressful conditions.


Finally, and most importantly – Ukrainians maintain an optimistic view of life and work hard to deliver great services and products, helping their country to overcome its present difficulties.

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