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A Welcome from WebiNerds CEO Eugene Vyborov

Hi there!

As you may have noticed, this is our first blog entry. I’m excited to share some useful and interesting content with you all!

Let me start with a short introduction of myself and our team. My name is Eugene Vyborov, and I’m an entrepreneur from Ukraine. I used to be a software engineer and then a project manager on a set of heavy-duty enterprise and web projects. In 2010 I decided to start a new company that would help others achieve their business goals using modern technologies and approaches. This is how our WebiNerds team started. Over the years since 2010 we have managed to build an extraordinary team on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Our account management and digital marketing guys, with over 10 years of experience, are based in Connecticut, USA, and our solid team of certified developers and managers is based in the difficult-to-pronounce city of Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine. :)

We have happy clients in many countries all over the world such as Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, South Africa, Russia, and more. But most of our clients are from the New England area in the United States.

Our Team’s Mission

1200_667-01But I’ve forgotten to say what we actually do. Our mission is to make the outsourcing of your digital department seamless, letting you concentrate on what you do best. We are a full-cycle digital agency, providing all the services you need from creating a digital marketing strategy, branding, and design to development of the actual software solution and finishing it up with long-term marketing activities such as social media and email marketing. We can implement your web site with a wide variety of frameworks, including WordPress and Drupal. We develop brand-new eCommerce stores with Magento, PrestaShop or WordPress+WooCommerce. But keep in mind that we are Nerds, and we are not limited to just standard frameworks – custom application development with the PHP stack of technologies is not a problem!

What do you get when you hire Nerds?

I guess you may be asking: How we are different from hundreds of similar digital agencies all over the world? We have gathered the best features of other companies and added our unique personalities.

  • Integrity and transparency are at the heart of our business. That means telling you the truth. All of it. You will always know how our prices are formed and what is happening with your project. We will not tell you that your current digital marketing approach is awesome when it’s crap. We will not tell you that you definitely need to redo your web site when it’s sufficient to slightly tune-up the one you already have. We will never sell you things that we cannot accomplish nor will we hide our failures from you. Don’t expect to always hear “Yes” from us – we don’t promise things that don’t make sense.
  • Our bi-locational approach allows you to have a relationship with an established, US-based corporate entity and not a crowd of random guys from some country over the ocean. At the same time, we can provide reasonable rates for our services.
  • We are bringing processes from classical software development to the web development shop. This approach  provides the highest level of efficiency. I’m talking about Agile-family methodologies, quality assurance and project management practices.
  • Due to the time difference between our offices you get almost 24/7 support. Which means that if you have an issue it will be solved in non-business hours, while you are dreaming :)
  • We can solve your problems efficiently, thoroughly, and inexpensively.
  • Your information is always backed up. We use modern version control systems, backup servers and continuous integration techniques to guarantee that you always have a workable, up-to-date website.
  • Your project will not be started until our business analysts understand your business and find a way (that fits well with your internal company workflow) to create your web processes and generate actual sales through your website.
  • With WebiNerds, you are not limited to the standard functionality of frameworks. Our Nerds are really good custom developers, which means that no matter how complex the solution is that you need to implement, we are capable of making it happen.
  • And, of course, your website will always be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Thanks for reading our first post!

I promise that our upcoming posts will be even more useful and informative for you as we share our knowledge about web development!

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